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Attorney at Law

Legal Cure, Care and Prevention

Attorney at law – Jasper Adriaan Bovenberg (JD, LLM, Ph.D) is an attorney at law, admitted to the Bars of The Netherlands and New York. He counsels on all aspects of medicine’s perennial pursuit of cure, care and prevention.

Data Protection Officer – Bovenberg is also qualified to act as designated Data Protection Officer (DPO) as meant in Article 37 et seq GDPR.

He serves as legal counsel to the Biobanking and Biomolecular Research Infrastructure Netherlands and Europe (BBMRI NL and BBMRI ERIC), patient organizations, clinics, tissue banks, academic medical centres, and biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device industry, in and out of court.

He is a member of the Ethics Working Group of the Human Cell Atlas and of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. As pro bono legal counsel he has acted for the OECD, the Human Genome Organisation (“HUGO”) and Sage BioNetworks (USA) and served on the Medical-Ethical Review Boards of the Dutch Cancer Institute and the Netherlands Pathology Archives.

Over the past years he has designed and produced a number of Legal Tech applications, including Advocaten Intelligence, Legal WikiMyBiobank, Amicus Curiae@the ECJ and a GDPR Record & Compliance Tool.

Bovenberg is the founder of the Legal Pathways Institute for Life Sciences Law, which was/is a partner in a number of EU funded tissue and biobanking projects (1MillionGenomes, BBMRI EU, Tiss.EU, BioSHaRE, BBMRI LPC, EU CelLex).

He has published in ScienceNature Biotechnology, Nature Genetics, European Journal of Health Law, The Netherlands Journal of Health Law, European Journal of Human Genetics, British Medical Journal and Project Syndicate. As adviser to the Dutch Association of Lawyers, he authored the ‘Preadvies’ for the Dutch government on Human Biotechnology and the Law: the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Right: a proposal for a new constitutional right to pursue life.  He is the author of Property Rights in Blood, Genes & Data: Naturally Yours? (Brill 2006).