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Present and past projects include

  • Co-creating and delivery of an online Software as a Service (SaaS) tool to handle GDPR Compliance, GDPR Contracts and GDPR Data Subject Requests, with a focus on health and biomedical data;
  • Advising on legal and regulatory aspects of the EU 1 Million Genomes Project;
  • Advising the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health and the GDPR and Ethics Working Groups of the Human Cell Atlas;
  • Counselling on the governance and legal aspects of major European Longitudinal Prospective Population Cohorts;
  • Designing and negotiating cross border material transfer and data access agreements, between academia, population cohorts and industry, enabling compliant sharing of biomedical research data with collaborators across the globe;
  • Partner in EU funded FP7 and H2020 projects, including Tiss.EU, BioSHaRE, BBMRI LPC and EU CelLex.
  • Advising to the Human Genome Organisation (“HUGO”) and Sage BioNetworks (USA)
  • Counselling to public health institutes and registries on data subject requests for access and retrieval of their data.
  • Co-founding (in 2007) and collaborating (to date) with the Biobanking and Biomolecular Research Infrastructure Netherlands and Europe (BBMRI NL and BBMRI ERIC);
  • Analyzing and co-drafting the OECD Guidelines for Large-Scale Population Databases.